au revoir angleterre, bonjour France!!

Its been a bit quiet round here as we have had a nice holiday... a well needed one at that!

We flew off to Bergerac to stay with my grandparents in their farm house (disclaimer: im not gloating, my grandparents both worked incredibly hard for their house, and have given me the work ethic i have today!)

View of Bergerac from the plane - grandparents house - our bedroom

Its so, so so relaxing at their house, we were in the middle of the countryside, fields either side of the house, opposite the church, very quaint.

The weather was HOT when we got there, like in the high 30's perfect for this...

We spent a few afternoons relaxing by the pool, i got burnt even though i was wearing factor 30! typical, it was on my boob as well and thighs.. bad times! lol

 We had some time shopping as well, which is a given on holiday. You have to check out the shops, spend your Euro's, go to Sephora... Yep i went there, and spent 40 Euros. Ill be writing about that later in the week or when i remember. 

Blurry picture of us... bergerac chinese

  One night we popped out for a Chinese, in France. Nothing confused me more than french speaking Chinese people. I'm so used to them barely speaking English. The food was pretty good, so i recommend the Royal De Bergerac if your in the area.

Something random i saw at a market... 

Check these Tomato's out!!!


My grandparents flew back with us too, don't they look happy waiting the most boring airport in the world.. ha!

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  1. Wish my tomatoes would grow like that! Looks like a lovely holiday.


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