Whats been going on lately...

I've had a week of my worst fears... needles & dentists!!

Monday started with a blood test which was just a general all rounder as I haven't been feeling well lately, turns out everythings good nothing too serious except I have high triglycerides. Which is because im over weight. So I need to rectify it now rather than when im older so I dont damage my body & get diabetes or heart disease.  Scary stuff!

Friday I then had to go have a tooth extracted at hospital and be put under general anaesthetic. I got to hospital at 7.45am & then waited nil by mouth until about 12.45 before I went into surgery. I literally am so scared of the dentist I get so anxious, so im glad I went down this route. I felt a bit anxious when I went down to theatre, luckily I had numbing cream on my hands so I didnt feel the needle... and ohhh man the feeling of going under is wierd. As they put the fluid stuff in your cannula you can feel it rush up your arm! I felt it all cold and almost felt like I could taste it in my neck. Then boom I was out like a light!

Next thing I know im sort of waking up and had such a sore throat, which was because of my breathing tube. Then I get a tap on the shoulder and a Georgia your in recovery, and then they pulled out my tube, abd instant relief no more sore throat! God knows what they did to me when I was under though as I woke up with a really stiff neck, they must have jarred it. Ugh hospitals.

I woke up pretty quickly, and just wanted to get home & see my dogs ♥

I wad home back in bed by about 3, then I wad like a zombie for the rest of the day. So bad that when mike got home we haf to get ready for a wedding reception and he suggested I put make up on......

He always says he prefers me without.

On inspection of my face, I looked like death in the mirror haha!

Pale face & black all around the eyes, not a good look!

I've been really tired today too, think its because I went out last night,  definitely should have rested. Oops.

Thought I'd post some random pics from my ordeal :) hope you like the zombie look from when I first woke up! Haha

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