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I was lucky enough to ask my nan to pick up a few bits for me when she went to Texas, she hit up Walgreen's, walmart and CVS to grab me some make up!

First on my list was Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes, First up is a 8 pan eyeshadow called Comfort Zone, it has some really nice browns, and greens perfect for autumn time.

Next is the two small 3 pan eyeshadow palettes...

Left is Walking on egg shells & Dont steal my thunder
 Walking on Egg shells..

Walking on egg shells is my ultimate favorite, i never realized how much i LOVE the eyelid colour, it really brightens up your eyes, i need to find a replacement for when this one runs out.

Next one is dont steal my thunder, which i haven't really managed to get to work for me.... i need to practice more. Which i appear to have forgotten to take a close up of...oops.

Next up is the infamous.... 

EOS Lipbalm!

I got it in pomegranate raspberry, which is Okay... but not the nicest. I think if i can ill try and get sweet mint or something. In comparison to the Balmi's, the EOS is much better, they dont even compare to be honest. EOS is bigger, and not as flimsy.

Next must have was the Physicians Formula Happy booster blusher, its so cute!!

It has an AMAZING scent to, like flowery, very boosting of the mood. 

Love hearts!

Under the blush is a little brush!
I like how they provide a cute brush under the blusher, its quite cute, but crap... ha

this Blush is very pink, especially if your still off your face on anesthetic and trying to get ready to go out... lets just say my already pink cheeks ended up like something off Noddy!

I want to try out more from this brand now... hmmmmpf :(

And F-i-n-a-l-l-y...

Wet n wild nail polishes, which were 99cents each! bargain central baby.

And i have no idea what there called... sorry, they just have numbers on the lids. Plus i think there discontinued as they were on sale.

When i use the make up ill get some face of the days put up so i can show how AWESOME the make up is!

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