Stila positively Pink cheek palette: Review

If you weren't aware October is Breast cancer awareness month!

To help raise awareness Stila brought out a Blush palette called Positively Pink, it even has the famous Ribbon's as highlights. Stila are even donating $1 per blush to Breast cancer research foundation. 

Ohhhhh i just cant get enough of the palette with its pressed ribbony goodness.

Oooohhh isnt it prettttttty.

The blush is really velvety soft and feels luxurious, one thing i did notice and was abit surprised is it has a lot of fall 0ut, literally i swirled the brush and there was powder everywhere... then it went all over my cheeks baby!

Not those cheeks, get your mind out of the gutter people...

The photo is not a good representation as the sun was really bright on my face, but its a very subtle pink. 

You can buy it from Harvey Nichols here , or here check it out on the Stila website here

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