Do you ever have those days where you just feel angry... thats how im rolling today.

I think you should just roll with the mood, dont fight it, if you feel a big grump then just let it all out...

On the plus side... 

I'm going to London Saturday!!!

Afternoon tea at the Berkeley, shopping at westfields, hit up some Selfridges and Harrods and probably a bit of oxford street and Covent garden if we can squeeze it in. I've been saving for this for a while, so im excited to treat myself and get some Christmas shopping done. 

Ill post about that next week... but for now her are a few pictures to keep you entertained.

Nugget our Golden nugget sail fin Pleco... so cool!!

Yummy English breakfast Decaffeinated tea with a HUGE custard cream!

Fortune cookie!

Snuggly Diesel dog ♥

Yummiest muller yogurt for kids!

Thats all folks...

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