After Christmas Sale Shopping

Here is my small sale haul..

I love Sale shopping so much so i asked for clothing vouchers for christmas, and i did pretty good!
i got - £20 Arcadia (topshop, dorothy perkins, outfit etc) £25 Primark vouchers, £30 New look voucher & £20 cash.

Loadsa money for sales for a bargain hunter like me :)

Here is the run down of what i got ..

I went to Peacocks, Primark, Newlook, Lush, Boots & Outfit.

First up is Outfit, i like it in there as it has all the Arcadia brands under one roof, I found this Jumper in Dorothy perkins section for £15, the necklace is Freedom from top shop for £3.50 and the tissues were just to make up the £20 but there Miss Selfridge's for £1.25, they are pretty cool, as the tissue is pink leopard print.

The jumper is really see through, but its quite long which is what i wanted, and its perfect for layering it up with a nice snug long sleeved top.
£15 Dorothy Perkins
Freedom Lightning necklace - £3.50! ♥
Next up i went to Lush, i heard from a Youtube Vlog that there was a 50% off sale, so i went to have a look, and i didnt like a lot of the stuff, its just to over powering in there that you cant really smell things lol

- but i didnt get a Melting Snowman for about 98p i think, check out the lack of Nose.. i think there chocolate drops on him as well. I used this last night and it made my skin so soft. :)

I then got 2 Butter Bombs as these  make my skin so moisturised and soft, just what you need throughout the winter! They were £2.30 each, which isnt bad, but still is a luxury for me at the moment.

Butter Ball

Next Shop was Primark, i had £25 voucher to spend in here so i figured for once i could splurge on something... (im really tight in primark usually, and i wont spend more than a fiver for a single item as there so badly made usually lol)

As soon as i walked in to the Guildford Primark, my first time in that store i was a bit like... Woah. I hate going to a shop when you dont know the layout, plus its quite a small primark compared to the Camberley one im used too. On a display i saw the black version of my jumper that i bought, i was going to get the black and white one, but they only had a size 20.. so defiantly would be to big! I got the orange one in a size 14 (£16), and its MASSIVE. like to big i need to take it back for a smaller one, there sizing is ridiculous in Primark, really annoys me as they didn't even have it in a smaller size anyway so ill have to go back to my usual Camberley primark i think.
I then treated myself to a 2 pack of new bra's for £7! hunted for about 20mins for my size.. The green t-shirt is just a basic item i needed as i dont seem to have anything in green and i love it £2.50! i also got a knuckle duster style ring for £1 in the sale.

Knuckle duster style ring - £1!

After Primark there was Newlook.. I literally bought some basics in here, plus a nice snug jumper as im really lacking jumpers for this winter.
£31 of shopping.
I bought 1 hoodie in Grey, really soft and snug. 1 Jumper orange and navy stripe, a long sleeve orange top, a long sleeve ribbed maroon top, short sleeve scoop neck stripy top, and 3 pairs of funky socks! (got to have new funky socks on xmas time!) I have found that at this time of year i need jumpers, specially ones to wear with leggings as i havent had anything thats not a hoodie, so its really annoying as i cant dress up with leggings, and i usually look like im just scruffy.

Next up was Peacoks, in here i got Pajamas for £4!! bargain, and a brown top for £5 which is really long and has a grandad style collar. Notice the trend here... long tops leggings, im sorted for the winter / spring time! woo

I then spent the £20 i was given in Boots on Soap & Glory make up, i had wanted this for a while now, but couldnt justify spending £20 + on make up.. just not in my price range at the moment. So luckily it was on 3 for 2!! So i ended up getting the Lid stuff eye shadows in nude. Kohl eyeliner in black (Which was the free item worth £5) and i got the Kick ass concealer, which is AMAZING.literally the best concealer i've ever used. Im so happy i got it. im going to do a soap & glory haul post soon to show how amazing it is.

So thats pretty much my round up of Christmas Sale shopping!
Im going to re-organise my wardrobe and get everything in order so i can actually find things, and charity shop all my old clothes. i know ill feel so re-freshed once i get this done!

P.s i also put an order into Forever 21 for some sale bits, spent £29 and got a top, scarf and bangle.. but its yet to arrive, so once its here ill put photos up! 

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