Radvent: Caring

I missed a day on Radvent as i just didnt know what to write, i couldnt think of anything, and the harder i though, the less it helped.. oh well. (and im writing this a day late... doh)


I Met my Nan and her friend for a coffee, had a few things to grab in town before i met them. The she called to say she would be 15 mins late, which turned into half an hour.. ugh.
 I sat in Costa Coffee with my Black tea and my Blueberry Muffin (side note: wont buy a Blueberry muffin in there again... ick) I sat facing the window so i could people watch, and i noticed how people were just rushing around, even on a sunday doing their xmas shopping. No one seemed to care about anything but getting the shopping done. They were just letting their children jump all over the place on the seats etc... this kinda bugs me out as i like to just relax and chill out...
Once my Nan finally arrived we were chatting about her recent doctors visit and the results etc, Now me and my nan have fallen out a month or so ago, but it doesnt stop me from caring about her. I have been really concerned, and its mentally been challenging for me as i cant take someone being the way she was with me. But i understand that its part of her medication thats made her this way, and gradually my Nan is coming back.

This year i have started to care about my Relationship with my Husband, before we were married i cared, but not in the way i care now. I really want to make it a happy marriage, and i want to make sure we don't argue about silly things. And more importantly i want us to be kind and considerate to each other, something that before we were married we Weren't.

The main things i don't give a shit about are - people being bitchy, Money worries, & wanting a life i dont have.
Its always easy to look at other peoples lives and think 'i wish my life was like that' what i forget is that people only show the good parts to the world... I have a GOOD life, i have food, water, Home,  money and the most important thing of all A family who loves me and i love them. ♥

One thing i have NEVER cared about is people laughing or judging me for what i believe in. I have never been one to follow the crowd or do what other people are doing, just because... well their doing it!

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