Radvent: Challenging

 Radvent - Challenging

This past year was a massive challenge for me, i feel almost empty now that at times im feeling quite low.
I had saved and saved so hard for our wedding, we both have a couple of jobs and we just wanted it to be perfect. I was so Happy in that photo above, i couldn't believe we were married, everything was perfect.
The hardest part of the past year was having Zero money to get by, we were saving everything we had, and working every hour under the sun, which took its toll as we hardly saw each other. There were times i was thinking 'IS IT REALLY WORTH GETTING MARRIED???' Now it was 100% worth it, im really happy.
 I just really miss Vegas, The lights, the randomness, the special times we had there, the Wedding. Im on a major come down... Vegas come down isn't good. I cant explain how amazing it is there, which must make me look like a brat. But its not that i want to go there shopping or partying, i just loved the special family times i had. the laughs. The love. 
I am looking for new Challenges from now on, my married life is a challenge in itself, to fulfil our life's to their best potential. I want to have Lots more laughs, more family times, and lots and lots more love over the years to come.
Basically i kicked Ass at organising and saving for a wedding in less than a year.. well i think so. 
Here's to the rest of our lives!!

 Just like last year im participating in Radvent, the idea was though up by Princess Lasertron and its her Yearly tradition, so go see her blog to find out more. www.princesslasertron.com

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