Radvent: Travel

On the plane to Vegas Baby!

Todays Radvent Prompt is Travelling!

My favourite thing to do in the whole wide world.

I love travelling, seeing new places visiting family. (i have family in France, Japan, Brussells, Australia ... )
Yep i have them everywhere! :)

I've been to Japan 6 times and stayed there for 6.5 weeks for one summer holidays, and it was the hardest, but best time of my life. I got to the 3 week mark and was homesick like hell, i missed my mum so much!!!
But after that, it was amazing, i soaked up the culture, and how different life is, the people... funnily enough you start noticing the differences between all the japanese people! (they don't all look alike.. :)

At Asakusa Temple
 Im desperate to get back over to Japan, i want to take Mike there to show him how amazing it is!!!
I learnt that its good to be outside of your comfort zone in a new city where you are literally 'Lost in translation' you learn to survive by yourself, you learn your surroundings, your way around, and you learn the language really quick!!

If i was only able to take one bag to live out of.... 

I would take my camera for sure! (video camera too possibly..)
Tooth brush is a 100% must, with my Aquafresh tooth paste, deodorant too, i dont want to be stinky.
And fresh Pants, and the coolest t-shirts, and a note book and pens to doodle and write.

I did this in Japan, i bought a notebook, some funky pens... the stationary shops there are awesome!
I then wrote down, and drew pictures to make my own phrase book, i found i learnt to much quicker this way!

Oooh my Laptop and the internet so i could blog... by the means of a dongle or something if there wasnt any wifi. I'd also take Mike and the dogs if it was a possibility... failing that they would be in the Kennels getting some love from the lady who owns it, shes lovely :)

Im pretty comfy going long haul, not to the moon or anything, that doesnt interest me. lol
But like Australia would be on the cards if i wasnt so freakin' scared of the spiders there... ughhhh *shudder*
I want to go to more places in Asia, like China, Thailand, Singapore etc
And see a lot more of America, like New york, Washington, Kansas, pretty much the whole of the USA, i just wanna live there really haha!

The places i have been to already are -

Japan 6 times
USA- Florida 2 times & Vegas (North Carolina too, if it counts walking out of the airport to wait for people who are smoking? lol)
France countless times, my grandparents live there. 5+times
Teneriffe 2 times (its in the canary islands)
Egypt 2x

The places i want to visit... well i'll list the top 5 as there is too many :)

New york
Los Angeles

Hope you like my Radvent post, if you want to read more then goto Princess Lasertrons blog to see her's and other people entrys!



  1. Oh you are so fortunate to have been able to travel so much! I feel like my days of crazy travel (aka my early 20s) are over now ... I have roots, though I don't yet have kids, so perhaps I should try for one more before that happens. The trouble is, I want to go EVERYWHERE! :)


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