Radvent: Drawing

One thing i LOVE ♥♥♥ is drawing, as a child i would draw so much that i could keep myself entertained ALL day. As a teenager i used to draw my feelings in my diary's amongst the writing. I still do this now, i often have a scribble in my Journal to get ideas out, or to just clear my head. Sometimes i just put pen to paper and just scribble so much the paper rips... this feels so good to do this! :)

I have so many nice note books, my favourite one is from Paper chase i received it as an Xmas gift, i use it as a Journal, to document random events that happen, or just random outbursts when i need to get things off my chest
Last Christmas i even asked for some fancy Pens to doodle and write with which my sister bought me, i have about half the pack left as my dog ate them!! >.< aghh!

I'm not loading photos of my drawings as i have a few things going on at the moment so i dont have the time.. :(

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