Radvent: Balancing


I have a pretty hectic work life balance, which leads to me always feeling like i have forgotten to do something, or feeling like i Need to do something. The need is usually things like getting out and having fun, or a change of scenery, different location for the walking the dogs etc.

With having 3 jobs, 40hrs a week office job, 10hrs evening reception work, and photography i'd say its pretty hectic enough as that.. but when you throw in Caring for 2 dogs, and running a home and having a life with your husband... its hard work!! (i cant imagine having kids thrown into the mix too... aghh)

So for me this is my life, and somewhat un:balanced.

I like to make lists to make sure i remember things, as i dont think i have a bad memory as such..just so much going on that somethings get pushed out my memory 'box' :)

The lists can be things like: Do washing up, sweep floors, put washing on, empty bins.
To other things like: Sort clothes for charity, take dogs out, get ready for cinema with mike.

It helps me to remember things, then i tick them off as i go, i also make sure that i keep a small diary in my bag, and i write every meeting, apointment etc down as i would just forget otherwise.

I'd like to free up some time and have a better scedule to have more of a social life, and more time with my husband to get out and about, it sucks when you say you enjoy going to tesco to get some groceries as it means you get quality time with your husband! haha.

My three important things to do today: (well it was yesturday)

  1. Take my Dogs out.
  2. Meet with work collegues for our small Xmas drinks at the local.
  3. Get an early night sleep ready for work on a saturday morning.
I did all of them, nothing exciting, but i did them.

I want to make sure that even though i work hard, that i play hard too. Im only 24, i want to be able to say yeah i have money to go out to the cinema, for a meal, or go shopping with friends or just have a nice day out with my Husband mike. I dont want to look back in 30 years and think, All i did was WORK!! i havent fufilled my life with happy moments an fun!

Im participating in Radvent, a tradition thought up by Princess Lasertron - go visit her blog to join in, or read other peoples entries for the Radvent challenge.

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  1. Hi! Loved this post; I'm struggling with a similar problem (too much going on !), but it really is such a blessing. Cute blog and congrats on your wedding!!



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