Review: Purity Organic Skincare

Skincare Review Series: WEEK 1

I jumped at the chace to review these products, i have been testing them for a while. (Sorry for the delay in posting) With our ever changing weather in the UK my skin needed some TLC, and this range was perfect!

All the products after i happily tore open the parcel!
 I was very generously given 6 full size products which were;

  1. Anti-aging Moisteriser
  2. Anti-aging Serum & Mask
  3. Regenerating Overnight moisteriser
  4. Cleansing lotion (make up remover)
  5. Facial exfolitor
  6. Facial wash
  If you click on the products above you will be taken directly to the Purity website to view the product and see the prices and where you can buy them. 

Initial thoughts 

My initial impression of the packaging was that i liked the simplicity of it, its plain yet easy to identify what product you want as the tubs are clear. 10/10 for packaging.

Using the Products

It wouldnt be complete without Dorky pictures of me..

1. Anti aging moisteriser - I found the product was very silky to touch and it went on my skin so nicely, it practically soaked it up. The moisteriser is fragrance free which im on the fence about... I do like a nice smell to my moisteriser, not too scented but just a scent would be nice. The tub is 50ml and its made from Cranberry seed oil, Rose flower water & many other natural ingriedients like Aloe Vera. The most impressive thing about this is that its only £7.99... Now you just dont get organic & natural beauty products for less than a tenner! For me i did find that this moisteriser was just too rich for my skin, i have combination skin and this was too heavy, i found that half way through the day my skin was looking oily.

2. Anti-aging serum & mask - Now this mask has the strangest consistancy, its almost like wallpaper paste, slightly slimey and watery at the same time. The objective is to apply a thick layer onto your face avoiding your eye area. I left this on my face for 10 mins and when it dried it made my skin feel very tight and if i smiled it made the skin crease.. it was really odd! When washing the mask off it did made my skin feel really soft, however the consistancy was horrible to touch it put me off using it.

3. Regenerating overnight moisteriser-There i was ready to slap this on for some over night moisturisation... i applied and it litterally felt like i put butter on my face... Now if you have aging skin this would be fantastic as you need the extra moisture. I however dont need this just yet in my life. I think the product is fantastic, and i would happily use it in a few years time once i need it. 

Now some facts about Purity which make them a fantastic company to buy from...

  • Their products are less than £10, which fit into most peoples budgets (even the mortgage paying poor people like me.. lol)
  • A quote from the Purity website 'Purity Organic Skincare has launched exclusively in 400 Superdrug stores nationwide - the company's first ever certified organic skincare range' 
  • All products are fragrance free, and suitble for sensitive skin. 
  • Purity skincare is Ecocert certified, and 98% of the products ingriendence are of a natural origin.
In a nutshell... If you like Organic products that are made in good old Blighty, and you like to be thrifty... then you need to buy Purity Skincare.

Keep your eyes peeled for another post with the rest of the products! 

(I wasnt paid, however i was perked with the products for this post!)

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