Picture perfect craft ♥

Lets get crafty!

I decided to print a picture from our trip to Cornwall, and remembered we bought some photo paper from 'the range' its made by Polaroid. I bought one packet of Magnetic photo paper - 4 sheets for £1. I also bought a packet of A4 size paper for only a £1, really cheap considering the price normally.

99p from the range!
So anyway, we have a Kodak printer which is really user friendly, and really cheap to run, the ink is something like £12 a cartridge and lasts a LONG time. The software which comes with it is really easy to use as well, you open it up, select a photo, you can edit the photo, crop etc and make it perfect before you click print!

The software
Here is the picture straight out of the printer... i decided on black and white.

straight out the can
 And here it is stuck to the fridge, its a really strong magnet too, and you can cut out the pictures if you want to make smaller magnets.

There is the magnetic picture in its shining glory with my other postcards and magnets on my fridge.. ♥

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