Shopping, Comfy feet & Coffee

I had a good weekend, busy and i feel a bit like i should have done more in the way of cleaning and clothes washing, but lifes too short right?!

I met up with Katy on saturday and we had a well needed Costa.. mmmm Tea.

Nothing like a lovely cup of Twinings...
We basically just had a browse around town no intnetions of spending money just a mooch.
However i ended up buying 2 peplum tops from Newlook, which i will show in another post.

I bought a pair of Hightop hidden heel trainers from Next, and well i decided to be crazy and where them for the afternoon shopping... and i can honestly say they were SO comfy!!! I dont think i will ever say that about a pair of heels.

Hightop hidden heel trainers
 Aren't they nice!! :)

OOTD hidden heel hightops
I think they look quite cool compared to most of these type of shoes... the do actually 'look' like trainers. my friend didnt even know they had a heel until i told her.. so im happy with them :)

We then proceeded to wander around and try things on, New Looks really has some nice Autumn clothing in at the moment i love this time of year!!

We finished our shopping off with another beverage and shared a brushetta at a local italian cafe... probably the only classy cafe in our town! haha

I wish that i had taken more pictures now... thats what happens when your having fun you forget to document it!

The rest of the weekend was spend with Mike, and we went out and shot some balls at the driving range (check out the panoramic camera shot... why did i not realise this in cornwall! waaaa)

and had sunday carvery & i may have eaten this...

 It wasnt pointed on my weight watchers, however it was worth every mouthful of non pointing.. YUM!!!

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