To BB or not to BB

I was in Boots a while ago and they were running an offer on their 17 Brand where if you spend over £5.99 you get a freebie gift called 'Get bronzed its glow time'

My friend Katy kept saying to me how she thought BB creams would be ideal for my skin as i dont need the coverage of foundation, but BB cream would be light enough to give my skin a nice look... I gave in just because i wanted the free gift and this is what i bought:

Boots 17 - BB cream & Freebie gift
The BB cream states it will improve your skin within 4 weeks... I dont agree with this personally and think its a bit gimicky.. how can something which clogs your pores make your skin improved? Beats me.. I tried this BB cream a few times and i it goes a long way, you literally need the smalles amount and it covers really well. I just feel that it leave my skin feeling chalky, and i dont like the feel too much. What i love is that i can use this as a concealer for my under eye area and it covers the dark circles really well. So its taken over from my soap and glory kick ass concealer for now :)

Medium Colour BB cream

Its a really nice sized tube and if you use it sensibly and apply a pea sized amount this will last a while.

On the left you can see the BB cream just blobbed onto my hand, on the right its blended. I'd say a pretty good colour match for my skin.

Now for the freebies!

In the free gift you got 1 eyeshadow, cream blush and a lipgloss all of them go with the bronze/nude look. I cant even tell you which is my fav, as quite frankly i love all the free gifts.


The lipgloss 'In the Nude' is in such a nice colour it literally goes with anything, and its really nice for option for a nude lip. ♥

Bronze Lip gloss

Next up is a small pot of cream Blush in a gold/bronze colour.. when i saw this i instantly thought 'oh i wont  like that' as i have tried a maxfactor cream blush before and i didnt like it... Ohhhh i was so wrong! 


17 Cream Bronzer
All i do is dab some onto my finger, and dot 3 blobs onto my cheek bone and blend it in, walaaaa.... (This picture gives you an idea of the colour, but i forgot to take an after picture... doh) 

I think this is just a limited edition product which is a bummer, but i think this small pot should last a while so hopefully before i run out Boots decide to bring this product out for good! 
Before blending
 The last freebie product is a eyeshadow, now this is something Boots 17 do sell and i LOVE IT, its one of them staple colours which i wear daily, its easy to wear all year round and doesnt take much effore to put on. (I even just used my finger to blend it everyday whilst in cornwall..)

The staying power of this eyeshadow is really good, i have worn it day to day with no primer and been out walking in the country side, in the rain, been shopping etc and its STILL there when i wash my face before bed!! 

I have to say as freebies go, this is one of my fav's.. i literally can, and have used all the products and i would definaltly buy them when they run out... fingers crossed they bring out the cream blush..

Thanks for reading!


  1. The free gifts sure looks great! My favorite from your pictures will have to be the nude lip gloss -- it's a must-have in every makeup bag! :)


    1. Thanks for commenting, its an awesome free gift, which makes a change! :) x


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