Review: Remote Control Candles

The box & contents
 I was sent these totally cool remote control candles to review from a company called (via Fuel my Blog)

I didnt know what to expect to be honest, they arrived the day after i was told they were being sent, so A* for fast postage!!

TOP: L - Small candle in clear wrapper, R: Battery compartment / BOTTOM: L - Inside of candle - R - all 3 candles lit
My initial thoughts of the product were how much they feel and look like real candles, they have a waxy feel to them which is so cool, the top of the Pillars are also curved so they look like they have burnt down. Under neath the candle there is a slot to put AAA batteries in, and a switch to turn them on and off. (this is so you dont waste the batteries when you dont use them for a while, however if its off the remote wont work)

As you can see the candles are quite large, the biggest is approx 5 inches tall, with the smallest being about 3inches. The remote has the option to turn all candles off, set them to candle setting (flicker like a flame) or Light setting, you can also set them on timers for 4 or 8 hours, and dim the candles also.

To give you an idea on what the candles look like at night i have taken a few pictures...

Early evening whilst it was light outside

Pitch black in my bedroom for some ambiant light

Right now in my lounge for some relaxing lighting on my side table
I really do love the idea of these candles, they are incredibly safe compared to a real naked flame, and they look really life like, i keep forgetting they arent real and flinching when i go to lean over them.. haha

On a serious note though i have recently left a candle unattended over night and not even realised until the next morning, luckily there was no damage done at all, but it really made me think about how things could have gone wrong... with this candles i know if i have a ditzy moment i'll still be safe!

These candles cost £12.99 from  the website offers free postage over £14, which is really good. I have had a browse on the website and there are so many products i have now decided i 'NEED' in my life. My mum has already requested i order her some for her xmas present :)

Thank you paramountzone for the candles and for bringing your awesome website to my attention!

*I wasnt paid for this post, however i was perked with the awesome product!

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