Empties: Face wipes Review

I have finally got enough products to do my first Empties post!

Im not commiting to doing it every month as i dont use much up and im not rushing to use products up :)

I have been collecting things for a couple of months in a little Momiji bag that i got for my birthday, and here is the first batch of the Empty products and my thoughts on them.

First up is all the skincare products i have used up...

I use face wipes quite a lot for night time to get my make up off, and i usually hunt out the 3 for 2 offers in Boots to get the best value for money. I got the 3 packets of Nivea wipes for £5 in boots, they are Daily essentials wipes:

They are fragrance free, for all skin types, and they claim to remove waterproof mascara...
Personally i think these wipes are pretty rubbish, they are too dry, i tried leaving the pack upside down so the top wipe gets more moist, but nope they were dry. 
I thought maybe i had a bad pack so when it finished i tried the next pack (as i had 3 to use up) but no pack 2 was the same, as was pack 3. Now i could have had a bad batch, but 3out of 3 being really dry... I wont be buying these ones again.

Next wipes i tried were the Boots essentials cucumber wipes - seriously these are like £1 a pack and totally worth it!

These boots wipes are something i would purchase again, they smell really nice and they do the job of taking make up off, or just freshening up before bed. They were on 3 packs for £2 if i remember correctly.

Next wipes i bought were the Kleenex eye make up removal wipes, i printed off a 50p off voucher from their facebook pay, so i think they were about £2.50 in total.. and its £2.50 i wish i had kept, i just dont get the point in them...  you get 24 wipes in the pack too.

They have no smell... unless you can smell water. They are very thick wipes, but they are like strips rather than a square wipe. I dont think they do anything out of the ordinary, they didnt get my make up off any easier than a normal wipe. I think there just a bit gimicky and pointless to be honest... sorry Kleenex stick to tissues :)

Next Wipes i am really impressed with... Simple radiance brightening make up removal wipes. (These were kindly sent to me from the PR ladies at Simple)  

Small pretty package (Palm size)

The package itself is really a nice size, fits perfectly into your make up/wash bag and it resealble so they dont dry out. They claim to hydrate the eye area, which is good as i have such bad dark circles under my eyes. They have no alchol, no oil & no perfumes to dry out your skin. They even remove waterproof mascara and get rid of the darkest eye shadow in a doddle... no jokes.. they mean business these wipes! You get 30 wipes in a pack and they cost £3.99 from boots.

Palm sized wipe

Textured to help remove make up
 I have no shame in saying that something as simple as these wipes (no pun intended) make me happy... they  make my life sooooo much easier at night time, I find the best way to use them is to...

1. Take wipe out of package, make sure pack is sealed to ensure no wipe dryness.
2. hold wipe over your eye for 10 seconds-ish.
3. hold wipe over top set of lashes (so the wipe has sandwiches your lashes) then pull the wipe away and all mascara is off.. ta-daaaa


If you click on the photos of the products you will be taken to the companies website to read more about them... You can pretty much purchase them all in Boots or superdrug too.

Hope you liked my Empties / review post.


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