Battle of the Budget Beauty Sponges!

For a while now i have wanted the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, i mean its cheap at £5.99 isn't it...or is it?

I went on the hunt to see if i could find another beauty sponge that was even cheaper, and i did it peoples!

On good old trusty eBay i found a sponge for the grand old price of £1. Click here to see a similar one to the one i bought.

Apologies for the marks on the sponge, i had to test them! :)

The sponge on the left is the eBay £1 special, sure it took about 3 weeks to arrive, but for £1 with free postage who am i to complain. The pink sponge feels firmer than the Real Techniques sponge, and it had more a plasticy scent to it. For coverage its good for concealer it easily blended my Benefit fake up under my eyes.

I really like the base of the sponge as its quite round and bulbous which made it good for dabbing on cream bronzer, or blusher. 

So on to the Real Techniques sponge... it has a versatile shape. You get a pointed end, a flat end and rounded sides. Perfect for blending in concealer or BB cream.  

This sponge is alot softer than the eBay one, it didn't have a stinky plastic scent to it.

The verdict on these two... I like both. I like the shape of the eBay one (Pink) and i also like the shape of the Real techniques one. The only big difference to me is that the real techniques one is alot softer, so its nicer to dab under your eyes for concealer. 

If i knew what i know now, then i probably would just buy the cheap £1, as it works well for the price. So overall price wins the battle here.


  1. I have been trying to decided between the Real Techniques one and a cheap one for ages but couldn't pick. After reading this I'm off to Ebay.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Be prepared for a few weeks wait with eBay, but its worth it!


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