Lush Cleanser - Angels on bare skin review

When i was in London with Amy i popped into Lush at Waterloo to check out the new Easter and Mother care products. I decided to grab a new cleanser as i want something that's more natural for my skin. 

I picked up Angels on bare skin which costs £6.35 for 100g. It has a clay like texture and has bits of Lavender flowers mixed throughout. Its made from 100% natural products. I read on the lush website that this has something called Kaolin which absorbs excess Oils and grease. It also has Rose absolute which helps to calm your skin. 

You use this product by taking a small chunk and rubbing it on your palm with a splash of water. It turns it into a watery paste, you can then give your face a good wash.

The only annoying thing about this product is that the lavender flowers get in your hair, which is annoying if your not planning to wash it!

Other than that, this is really soothing on my face, it gives it a squeaky clean feeling. I love the fact is Vegan, its not tested on animals and that if you keep 5 lush black pots you can trade them in for a free fresh face mask!


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