Closet Confidental tag

I saw that Estee from Essie Button did a 'Closet Confidential tag' on you-tube, so i thought i would do a blog post of the tag.

 Question 1. - Oldest item.

The oldest item in my wardrobe is these Nude New look heels. I was given them from my mums friend was i was about 14ish, she was chucking them out and i 'needed them' i have worn them a fair few times and they are surprisingly comfortable! They are so worn out though i should really chuck them away.

Question 2 - Newest Item.

The newest item i have it these Next Jean leggings, they are seriously, SERIOUSLY comfy, they have no pockets on the front, they are those fake ones. They have a zip and button though, so they look like real jeans. They cost £24 and they have them in a few different coloured denims. I have this indigo/inky kind of colour, and i also picked up a black pair which i can dress up or down. But these ones were worthy of a boast as they are my fav's.

Question 3 - Most expensive item.

The most expensive item is my Irregular choice Patty shoes. They cost £65, i didn't actually buy these, they were a gift from my Nan. These were my wedding shoes that i wore in Vegas baby! I have to say these shoes look awesome, but they were SO uncomfortable. I will never wear them again as i dont want to ruin them. I intend on getting a clear box for them so i can display them in my bedroom once its re-decorated.

Question 4 - Cheapest / Most affordable item.

The cheapest item i have (i have a few, but this was the best) is this stripe maxi dress from Primark, it only cost £9 and is so multifunctional. I have worn it out to dinner in France with sandals, out shopping with a denim shirt here in the UK, its very versatile and i love the fact it was less than £10!

Question 5 - Biggest Bargain.

My Biggest bargain is these ASOS shoes which i picked up on eBay for the grand total of around £3 (£6 including postage) I seriously love these, i stalked them on eBay for about a week then i placed my bid at the last 30 seconds and BOOM i won them! They are really high though and i must admit walking home after a few too many drinks makes for a wobbly walk, plus a few near miss broken ankle incidents. LOL.

Question 6 - Biggest waste of money.

I bought this really nice black cardigan from Forever 21 a while ago, it cost £14. I class this as a waste of money because look at that hole. That happend the first time i washed it. Thats not the only huge hole either, its covered in them. It does say on the label in tiny print to wash this separately / hand wash it. But its a waste of money to me as who has the time to do that!

Bonus Question- Three favourite items.

And finally for the last bonus question, my three favorite items.

I have a forever 21 Hello kitty t-shirt, it has a BRIGHT pink sheer back with a cut out on. it cost around £14, and i bought it last spring/summer time. This t-shirt looks awesome with denim shorts in the summer and i cant wait to wear it again. Next is a Lounge fly Hello kitty purse, its the Monster Hello kitty purse it cost me £16 inc. postage from eBay. and finally my peace sign necklace which i bought from Republic for £1, (this should have been my biggest bargain dammit!) I love this pendant, its pretty big and has a long chain. Looks really nice with a peplum top for work. 

Thats the end of the Tag, i quite enjoyed rooting through my wardrobe finding my favorite items. I even had a bit of a clear out too after finding some old crap im never going to wear again. In the charity bag it goes!


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