Get ready for Spring: Nuxe edition!

I have never really looked on Nuxe, why i dont know. But now i want want waaaaaant to get my self all refreshed for spring and so, i put together a nice wish list for some lovely Nuxe items.

  1. Spa Huile Prodigieuse Candle - £7
  2. Huile Prodigieuse oil - £28
  3. Fondant Body scrub - £17
  4. Ultra nourising lip balm - £9.50
  5. Reve de Miel Hand and nail cream - £10.50
  6. Gentle exfoliating Gel with rose petals - £16
I chose my favorite things from the website which i think are good to de-winter yourself. Yep i made that up, de-winter. So many nice products to smooth, moisterise and give yourself healthy skin ready for baring those legs in the spring / summer.

Ohhhh i wish it was spring already, i cant wait for the warmth and the new flowers, and the baby lambs in the fields, and the EASTER EGGS!!! yaaaaahoooooooo om nom nom.

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