New clothes, Pajama's and more!

I decided i needed to get out the house at the weekend, dust off the cobwebs and go shopping. I had Gastroenteritis last week, and maaaaaan was i feeling crappy.

Katy and i hopped on the train and went to Woking and made beeline for superdrug as i had my Sun+ voucher to spend as they we're burning a hole in my pocket!

I picked up the two facepacks from Primark for 90p each, but the rest was from Superdrug and after i used the £20 voucher i spent about £5, bargain!

I had been wanting to try the Real Techniques sponge for a while and i had ordered a cheap ebay sponge for £1 but it hasnt arrived yet, so i caved and bought this one. I've been using it everyday for concealer and its really good. It blends everything out real goooood.

I also got a collection 2000 lip definer, Maybelline Lipstick, and 2 Maybelline stay colour 7 day gel effect polishes, i cannot rave about these enough. THEY-ARE-SO-GOOD!!!
 I have had people comment on the colours when im wearing them so many times, they last well too!

Next up we hit the New look Sales, i managed to get this nice jumper top for £5, total bargain and i love the pattern.

Last and by no means least (its actually my favorite purchase ever!)


Ohhhhhh my gawd they are amazing, they cost £12 (£7 for the bottoms, £5 for the top)

Oh and i got them in Primark, they had some other awesome ones like Slush puppy, and my little pony!

Have you been on any shopping trips lately, i cant wait for spring time i love watching the seasons change and the new clothes to come in store!

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  1. I already have a list of dresses I can't wait for to come into stores.


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