MUA mini Haul - No.2

I gave in an made a cheeky late night order to MUA. They had an offer advertised on facebook again where if you spend over £4 you get a free eyeshadow palette. (Glamour days )

I really love this palette, my fav colours are the browns on the front row.

 I did attemp to do swatches but i ran out of space..

I also ordered a brown eyebrow pencil which cost £1, its a very smooth pencil which glides on, and then has a nice brush on the other end for taming the brows into place. (forgot to take a picture, but you can see if there ^)

Next thing i bought for £3 was a Lip boom in ''

I would show what it looks like on, but unfortunatly i have a coldsore, which im sure you dont want to see my mouth with one of them! (not to mention i couldnt bare to put lipstick on, and i'd have to throw it away after)

Swatched lipstick with the highlighter (gloss) over the top. 

This is the highlighting gloss, it smells amazing its very glittery but it looks really nice on. Im glad i picked this Nude colour as its very wearable.

Cant wait to wear it once Fred the coldsore goes away...


  1. Would you recommend the lip booms? I've been thinking about trying them! Xxx

    1. The lipboom i have is really good, its a really nice Nude colour. I would recommend them yeah, the gloss smells so nice too! i think there 2 for £4 at the moment as well on MUA's website! xx


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