99p shop bargains

If you have a 99p store near you, i urge you to have a rummage around in there for bargains!

I have recently bought weight watchers food in there for 99p a pack, which is a huge discount compared to buying it in tesco's or Asda etc

I also got these ..

An M&M Vanilla scented candle... mmmm
Betty Crocker candles... Cherry pie smells amazing!

Present for my sister Bow
Im so impressed at my 99p store, they have some hidden gems in there! Last time i got a duo pack of Glade candles for 99p... now i sound like a complete Candle Geek but they are expensive in most shops!


  1. I bloody love candles! However all the ones I've found in Poundland and Home Bargains are all quite poo :(

    1. Its hit and miss i guess on what 'old stock' they get!

  2. I've never heard of M&M candles! They look amazing! I'll definitely be having a look for some in the nearest 99p shop!

    Annest X

  3. I do love rummaging around in poundland and cheapy shops. Always get a great bargain.

    Those M&M candles looks fanastic!!


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