The Twins are nearly here!

My cousin steph who i took Maternity photos of a while ago (20 weeks maternity pics) is now 37 Weeks which is full term for twins, shes going to hospital tomorrow to be induced, and hopefully have the twins, although if there anything like there dad, then they will probably arrive on friday! hehe

Here is some more pictures of Steph along the journey of baking the twins in the ole' oven!

28 Weeks ... ♥
28 Weeks - She has a perfect bump!
34 Weeks - Teeny baby vests... hard to believe there is 2 in there :)
34 Weeks - Twins in the Oven!

37 Weeks & fully cooked!
I cant believe that the next time i see steph she will have the babies!!! 
 Such an exciting time.

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