Earning my Stripes: Part 2 - Accessories!

With our Hallway being windowless, small and dark i had to do my best to brighten it up. 
We painted all the woodwork bright white, including the doors (all 6 of them in this small space) 
I used to have about 20 small photoframes all over the walls with picures of family and friends which allways attracts peoples attention when they visit. I didnt want to lose this nice feature, so i had a look in my local 99p Store, and found these photo frames..

How amazing do they look for 99p a piece!! You would never have thought they were plastic and hollow! ;)

So as you can see i had plans for these bad boys which involved plasticote in a super satin finish!

After holding my breath through 2 coats and spraying away i was left with these....

I still have 3 more to spray but i couldnt face the fumes after one.. so i'll have to take the others to my mums to spray in her garden. 

Me, my 2 siblings (Bow to the left, and Louix the far right,) and my cousins... all 8 of us at my cousins wedding.
How awesome do they look, im so happy with how it turned out, i just need to find some more colourful pictures to put on my walls now.. i definatly think there will be some Vegas ones up there to reminise.

Hope you like my mini room make over... 


  1. woah love it!
    thankyou for your comment. the bag is from primark. http://adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Those frames are divine! Well done!


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