Forgotten purchases...

I just found these pictures and totally forgot i bought these new things and forgot to blog about them...

Left: Newlook - - Right: Next

I had a sneaky trip into Newlook a few weeks ago and snapped up these leather tan sandals for £5... yes you heard that right, £5 !!! only downside is there a size 7, of which i am not. However they still fit me fine and they are so comfy!

I then had a look in next and saw these Davina Mccall fit shoes for half price reduced to £14, i thought they looked quite unusual and im loving the neon colours at the moment, i have a moan though these shoes are comfy underfoot, but they squish your toes! ouch.

I then had a look at the jewellery in New look, same time as getting the sandals and these earrings caught my eye, the ones on the left are so cute, all nautical and romantical. The ones on the right are nice too, my favourite pair being the Birdies, the only downside was there were 2 pairs missing... I was cheeky and asked them to reduce them and they took that pack down to £1! 
If you dont ask you dont get people!

This post has reminded me to look in my wardrobe as i havent put away the things from my last shopping trip, they are still in the bags.. Oooops!

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