Wishlist 3: Stylist Pick

I was so impressed with this website when i ordered last month... I have had my eyes peeled for more gorgeous accessories, and these have taken my fancy.

First up...

  • Laurel Black Sandals - £10 in the sale. I love these. I need a nice pair of black sandals, so fingers crossed come payday they are still there!

Next up...

  • Lake Two tone ankle strap wedges.... seriously these are sex on legs.... £20 in the sale too.

Next up in their new collection is this gorgeous red bag im really tempted to order it as they have a 'buy two for 50% off' offer on..

Its called the Saskia handheld casual satchel, i have a thing for satchels... £35.. Bargain!

I was also swooning over this Ginger Bucket bag for £40, but i noticed you can get an almost exact replica on ebay for £30 cheaper..

Next up, I have a LOVE... and mmmm cant decide relationship with these trainers.

These are the Jack wedge trainers, see i love the concept, but then i think what would i wear them with? and would they be comfy... and then to top it off people at work were like 'err why would you wear them' that only makes me want them more.. these are also part of buy two get 50% off offer.

I also noticed this wrap bracelet, not for me, but for my friend i think she would really love it and im tempted to buy it for her birthday, but i cant decide..

This is basically most of the things im loving on Stylist pick at the moment... I wasnt asked to write this, i just genuinely was so impressed with their service with my last order and i cant wait to order again!

Click on the names of the items and it will take you straight to their site <3 span="span">

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