A few Homely updates..

I was bored and had a few spare hours so decided to brighten the place up a bit...

£6 Table cloth cut to measure from the Range
'Spike' New family member
I bought this cactus from Wilkinsons for £3, and the glass pot is an old Tindra candle from Ikea, i put it in the freezer, then the next day popped out the candle cleaned any residue and now its a new home to Spike :)

I also had this old Candle holder which was black (fit into my old decor when i had browns and blacks) ..

Now it looks like this ..

Nothing a can of plasticote cant fix!

100% Better! Although i dont want to risk lighting a candle incase it sets on fire..

Close up.. Oooh!

I also spray painted a mirror the same colour, but thats for the Hall way reveal when i finally get round to completeing it.

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