Lip Balm addiction...

I have some kind of lip balm addiction.. i cant help but buy it!!

My current my favourites are the Carmex moisture plus, i did have the peach one but i gave it to my mum ♥
They are minty and so moisturising there amazing, they even have SPF in them, the pink gives a really nice sheer pink colour to your lips.

I also love my Figs and Rouge Coco Vanilla Balm, its so good. You can use it all over you body which is great because there is always times where i get dry patches or exezma type things that need to be covered with something to ease the itching. I even used it on my ankle wher ei have this dry patch and i've used E45 cream which didnt do anything, used this once and it got rid of the dry patch!!

I love cheap novelties like the coca cola ones, and M&M chocolate ones etc i even have a lip balm from Hooters in Vegas! hehe

My least favourites are the Bodyshop Nutmeg and Vanulla balm, mainly because the smells strong and i can smell a hint of cinnamon and i hate that smell! I can still use it but not very often, its a very wintery lipbalm, reminds me of christmas.

Everyone has to own a tin of Vaseline, its good stuff, can be used for anything anywhere which is good. I have to say though my least favourite balms are the ones in tins as i hate getting balm on my fingers! ahh

I really want to get the EOS lipbalms, and im eying up some more revlon just bitten kissable balms... oooh decisions!


  1. This is nothing in comparison to mine ;) I have at least 30... xo

  2. YES EOS.. GET THEM!! My favorite balm at the moment :D

  3. I love S&G Juicy Peach. Nice collection x


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