Shopaholic Lonely day out..

I decided to have a mooch in guildford town centre... now this town used to be pretty mediocre, well its pretty awesome now, has a good selection of shops and worth the 20min train journey!

It has tons of good shops, even has a Liz earle!

 The only place i needed to goto was Lush, but i clearly needed to goto a few more shops as well...

The first shop i went to was Topshop, i had a look at the make up and i was a bit.. Mehhhi dont think its anything amazing, and i think its quite pricey...

However i did spot the sale section and picked up these leather sandals for £5!!!

£5 Bronze sandals, originally £26 bargain!

Next stop was Urban outfitters.. but i bought a present in there so im afraid i cannot disclose the info of what i bought... However the sale in there was pretty awesome and they have nice jewellery stands for £8, one of which was from my christmas wishlist, i didnt buy it in the end though :(

I then popped to La senza (i thought they went bust?!! sorry... bad pun) but seriously i thought they did... the sale in here was pretty amazing, 90% of the Bra's were £5 each, so i grabbed this long line vintage style bra and skipped happily to the check out. 

£5 bra and £5 knickers... the knicker are 5 pairs for £12 total bargain.

Next i went to Next.. I was so impressed with their petite section it had a massive selection, should go there more often. I bought a sign which i thought was motivating, I got this nice jumper for £15 with buttons on the shoulders..

Next my favourite shop... LUSH!

I had a list of things i wanted to buy, but some of the items i sniffed i didnt actually like...

So i bought, Eau roma water, King of Skin, and Creamy Candy bath melt, and a melting marshmellow bath melt and my favourite item of all time the Butter Ball bath bomb.
 (Im going to do a more indept blog post about the items once i have chance to use them.

I then decided to pop into Kokoro a japanese Bento Lunch place.. Oh my god this place is like being back in Tokyo... 

Left: Gyoza, Top: Korokke, spring roll Right: Inari ♥ my favourite
I hit up boots and bought a few items i decided i couldnt do without..

 Revlon lipstain was £5.99 on offer, Rimmel nail tip whitener £4.39 , and shimmer shades £3.99 and i picked up a sale item for mike for 75p bargains galore ! 

Here is my outfit i wore.. no shoes as i just got home and my feet were killing me.. i just wore Primark tan flats, my clothing is Next Jeggins, black vest top, and red cardigan, Fox bag from Ebay and Necklace from Newlook.

Here is something thats on my wishlist... *drools*

Hello kitty Vans ♥

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