Review: Revlon Just bitten Kissable

I bought this on a wim on a recent shopping trip  it was £5.99 from Boots, and i bought it in the colour in 'Cherish' .

The easiest way to explain this is that its like a lip balm, its minty when you apply, but yet this actually stays put... once the initial balm goes the colour stays on your lips. This is SO worth the price.

Oooh i love its chubbyness.

All you do is twist the silver end of the pencil to push more balm up, and i think it would last quite a while too. Im already planning on getting another one, i am looking at getting a more 'everyday' colour as this is pretty bright on me, which dont get me wrong i love it, but im not a barbie pink kinda Gal for work. :)

Puuuurdy Pink ♥

You can buy it in Boots for £5.99 at the moment... Its worth it!


  1. Ooh I so need to give this a try! I keep getting tempted with the orange 'Rendevous' shade :)

    Lucy x.

    1. I saw the orange and i dont think i can pull it off as i have quite a yellowy skin tone.. i was going to try Honey though.x


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