I always treat my self to a magazine every now and then, i dont buy one every week, but only when i feel the need to have a browse and get up to date with the latest must haves...

My favourite magazines that i typically go for are Closer and Reveal. 

Now i dont buy them for the trashy stories, but simply for the highstreet fashion pages like these..

Reveal Mag

Closer Mag

Closer Mag
 I really like highstreet fashion, i like it laid out simply so you can see where you can buy it, how you can style it and how much it is.

I really dont like this layout for fashion, i just think that for me its not as easy to see the item, im sure alot of people think the oppsite to me though :)

I also like the way this tutoiral page is laid out, its eye catching as its advertising, but also showing you something thats on trend. (I wish i knew how to do these type of manicures though!)

Whats your favourite magazine?


  1. I love Look magazine for the fashion pages, it's pretty much packed full of fashion and little else!x

    1. Oooh i dont think i have ever bought Look, is it high street fashion? x


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