Shopping Day!!

I went into reading on Saturday with my friend so she could buy a winter party dress... it was successful, she got a dress! *high five*

 I havent been into reading for y-e-a-r-s... literally like 5 years. I am a bit funny with big towns, i like London a lot! but towns like reading are just too busy and they do my head in a bit as people constantly bump into you and are just plain rude, not to mention kids squealing everywhere... (i don't mean babies, babies are allowed to cry, scream, smell, etc children who are old enough to go 'I WANT-----' are bloody annoying when they are whining) And yes i was one of them once.. haha

John Lewis, Starbucks snack and Reading riverside
I've been saving up for Xmas and went to Reading with the aim to buy Xmas presents however i bought one. I just didn't see anything worth buying... i treated myself to a couple of things though.

We stopped off in primark first as we knew that the likely hood was later in the day it would be heaving with people.... Ugh bad side to Primani!

I bought a nice little maroon over the body bag for £4 (they also have them in tan, black and bottle green) I got some shoes for work in black with a subtle snake skin? type print for £5, also you will see that i got some Turquoise shoes with silver toe caps... for a grand total of .... *drum roll please* £2 !! Oh yeah, primark sale strikes again! :)
I got the essentials like £1 pack of hair bands, mine get all hairy and horrible so needed some new ones. Lastly i got the cute Elephant hand puppet which is for the twins Harvey and Tamsin. Thought it would be cute for their story time, and it was a bargain at £1 and it makes elephant noises!! 

Next up was Lush, now i don't think much of Lush in Reading, its SO small, and the staff are too friendly (yes you can be too friendly, i just want to look goddamn it! lol)

I bought the Creamy candy bubble bar, Snow fairy shower gel (to see what the fuss is about, so far its Meh... liquid bubblegum lip scrub smell) Lastly to try something new; the Party popper bath bomb. I have to see say it looks pretty cool.

I then finished off with some winter essentials in Next, i got a nice Cardi, a top with gold studs on the shoulders and some new jeans as mine are getting tatty and falling off me.

Paperchase labels ♥ - Bella italia - Liquid Lunch - Snazzy hair band in Debenhams
 Autumn is literally my favourite time of year for shopping, the High street shops have such nice stuff at the moment. 

Here are a few things i saw which were ♥♥♥

Black Peplum top was from Warehouse £40 in Debenhams, sooo nice wish i could afford it. 
Chunky print Cardigan from Republic was 25% off which made it about £25, loved it but still ... cant afford it :(
The scarfs were all in Zara, and if i remember right they were about £9.99, which is so reasonable! the Black one was a nice chunky knit i regret not buying it now ... dammit!

Its opened my eyes to shops i wouldn't have even taken a second look at before, i am really liking Warehouse, Oasis, Mango, Republic and miss selfridge.

No doubt ill have more shopping trips soon with the run up to xmas... 


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