My Attempt at fake lashes..

So a long while ago i won some lashes on a twitter competition from Minxies Glamour - click here to read it

I never got round to buying Lash glue, as to be honest they never really interested me. My friend kindly gave me some glue which was surplus to her. So i decided to give the Lashes a go..

Lashes won from Minxies glamour
 So here is my eye before application..

Here is the lash with glue applied...

 Here is the eyelash stuck to my eye, after using the red strings to attach it i was like, 'nice one they work really well' then when i pulled them off the eyelash they pulled the Lash off as well... Great work georgia. 

So sorry for the blurry picture..

And here is the eyelash in place... they made a hell of a difference, although i dont know if i like them on me.. 

I might give them a go for an actual night out with full face make up etc and see how they look then. I think in the mean time im going to watch a ton of youtube tutorials on how to apply them, and ill post again once i have mastered it! :)


  1. You've done pretty well for your first attempt! I'm awful at applying them.

    I think if you add a nice flick of eyeliner they'd look really natural.

    I love how Kiss lashes have the tabs on them to help you apply, I keep meaning to try them!

    Lola | LolaStarHearts xx

    1. Ill give the eyeliner a go!
      I think the red tabs made it harder to attach as when i pulled it off the lash went with it! lol x


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