Review: Sunrise Pro E-Cigarette

I was offered the chance to review the Sunrise Pro e-cigarette from
Now i don't smoke myself, however my husband Mike has been smoking for 16 years and has tried to quit numerous time however found out he is allergic to Nicorette and Champix. 

The cigarette wasn't what i was expecting, but it was packaged really well, in a cigarette style packet, inside the packet you get - 1 e - cigarette, 1 battery, 1 charger, instructions, 1 atomiser & in the starter pack you also get a tub of 10 refill cartridges.

The e-cigarette is easy to set up, you screw the battery section to the USB charger and plug it in until the light goes green. This takes about an hour for a full charge, and lasts approx 1 days usage. Luckily my husband has a USB point on this in car cd player, so he can charge it on the way to work. (However you can try your computer, laptop, Ipod mains charger, or we even tried our blackberry mains plug and that worked too!)

You smoke the e-cigarette the same as a normal cigarette apart from with this you don't get any nasty chemicals (except Nicotine)

Here are some facts about the e-cigarette:

  • The contain no Tar or carbon monoxide smoke
  • Nicotine is its principle ingredient 
  • They are alot cheaper (£7.99 for 10 refills which is the equivalent to approx 200 cigarettes)
  • You don't get stained teeth or bad breathe
  • Less environmental impact.
  We received the E cigarette in Platinum, which looks smart and it even lights up at the end when you suck on the nicotine cartridge

When you breathe out, like a normal cigarette smoke exhales from your mouth, however its not real smoke, its vapour. This cuts out the problem of second hand smoke inhalation and it less harmful to others around you, as well as yourself.

 Mike describes the taste of the nicotine cartridge as Slightly bitter, almost like dark chocolate / coffee. He said its not horrible, but also takes some getting used to as it doesn't taste like a normal cigarette.

To give you some back ground information; Mike has smoked for 16 years, and smokes about 20 cigarettes a day approx. However he smokes tobacco from a pouch so that's why i say approx 20 a day. 

He has been using this e-cigarette for the past week he has used half the amount of tobacco he would usually use. He has been using this e-cigarette with an aim to wean himself off real cigarettes. to eventually become reliant on the e-cigarette only. 

The only downsides to the e-cigarette are:

  • The warning that the battery is going to die doesn't give you enough time to re-charge. (The end flashes red when its going to run out of power, however it flashes then dies...)
  • The cartridges don't seem to last as long as they state on the packet.
However these are by no means problems which would stop us from buying this again.
In fact Mike has recommended it to his brother who is also trying one out to see if he can quit smoking too. The price for the starter kit on is £29.99 with this you get all of the above. If you require the 10 pack of refill cartridges it costs £7.99. When you consider the set up costs, and the re-fills you are saving a LOT of money in the long run, and you will also be maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Thumbs up from us!


  *I was'nt paid for this review and all thoughts are my own HoweverI was perked with the product.

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