November 5th: Bonfire night!

Remember: Fireworks are dangerous! BE SAFE EVERYONE!♥


We went out for Bonfire night on saturday to a local park, as we arrived we saw the procession of people who had walked up the hill past Farnham Castle, ready to light the bonfire.

We paid our entry fee, and then went inside and bought some hot fresh donuts... Yum! (They did crepes with nutella too.. bit hard to eat though with gloves on!)

We then went to join in the count down for the bonfire to be lit... it went like this '5..4...3...2...1' - darkness.... then a few mins later it finally lit! haha

It went up in flames really quick, which was quite freaky. It was lovely and warm though considering i was so cold i had a pink knitted trapper hat on, jumpers, coat and mikes gloves on.

We had half an hour to find a nice spot for the fireworks, so we decided to get some food and snacks en-route across the muddy field, oh and also get some Bonfire lit pictures of us!

 So first we decided Hot chesnuts were a must, they were SO good, and kept my hands lovely and warm!

We queued for about 20mins and got food, i had chips, mike had a burger and we got a drink to share and it was £6.50!!!

Finally after we were robbed for food the fireworks began!

And to finish the night off ready for the walk to the car...


It was a really nice evening, havent been to a firework display in years and it made me feel very wintery... ♥

Countdown to Xmas now! eek.

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