Random goings on...

At the weekend we were really busy, saturday before the fireworks we helped my nan and built a wardrobe for her... it was So -Heavy- !!! But it looked really nice, and made me think i want one!!

I screwed the back on... and it took ages! ahhh >.<

Its really nice chunky wardrobe, and did i say really bloody heavy!

After we assembled it, we played with nans cats, there so cute... even if im not really a cat lover.. well they usually hate me..

This is Dave ...

Felix ♥

Mr Felix again..

Felix and Dave playing with a ping pong ball..

We then popped to my cousins stephs to see her as it was her birthday, and we also got to see the ever growing twins!

Tamsin ♥

Harvey ♥

Om nomm nom im going to eat your foot.
 They are so cute now, they both had a cold bless them so they were all bunged up and sniffy, still bloody cute though! ♥♥

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