Weekend Walk about..

On saturday as we woke up late and didnt get chance to goto the gym we took the dogs on a longer walk than usual. We have lots of old army training grounds near to where we live, so we went over and basically walked from the town we live in, to 2 different towns then back to where we parked. 

It was a nice day, not too cloudy and not too cold either, well... not that cold for british standards. 

On the start of the walk Diesel went mental trying to pick up a rock the size of a football... he was running along pushing the rock until i had to put him back on the lead and coax him away. >.< 

Here is the little sod trying to carry the rock
 We were walking for what seemed like ages, and didnt bump into another person at all... How nice is this?

No filter or anything... unspoilt autumn leaves
We carried on walking and litterally the best thing ive ever seen..... Moo cows!!!

The babies were so cute!!!!! i managed to get the black one to sniff my hand, but as soon as i stroked his nose he realised i had no food and he dashed off.

Once we got to the top of the hill, there were some amazing views as it was such a clear day.

Can you tell how much im loving the panoramic setting on my phone...
 We carried on walking... 

Mike & Vinny

Once we got home we were all covered in mud, cold and tired. So we decided to go buy a pizza from Tesco, and have a cosy evening in watching movies. We made sure to watch breaking dawn part 1 first, then a few other films that were on tv. 

I love a good relaxed weekend ♥

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