Awesome Parcel Exchange - Hello kitty Galore!

I had been waiting on a parcel from my friend Rachel who lives in Singapore. We did a Christmas swap, but we delayed it until the end of January.
Rachel is seriously awesome and she always sends me the most amazing gifts, im SO lucky!

Upon opening the parcel... it took some hefty sized scissors to get into it i'll have you know.

This is what i was surprised with... Ahhhh Hello Kitty, not just any HK, its a Mac donalds Fairy tail one.. I have the Wizard of Oz one. So Kawaii. ♥

Next, after i had contained my excitement..

A TokiDoki Sanrio Purse, this purse is awesome. It has two zippered sections, the top one it big enough for my phone, money, cards etc - it will definitely make a good purse to use for shopping trips so i dont have to carry my bulky (equally amazing) Warehouse one around.

Next up, there was more TokiDoki gifts!!!!

A cute little plush which i will be putting on my camera :)

And some a-w-e-s-o-m-e nail stickers, look at them..


Right... excitement contained, i think there to nice to use! lol

Here is a selection of Gotochi charms and a cool Mt.Fuji Pen. 

 Look at how cute this Hello Kitty Washi tape is!!! Cant wait to use this in my Smash book.

 The next little bag was full of sheet face masks, they are from Korea and Taiwan. There is a selection of Innisfree , and i forgot the name of the other one. But i tried one out, and it was amazing, my face felt really good after.

How amazing is the package, I literally couldnt ask for anything more, its covered all my favourite things, i wish Rachel lived closer as i bet we would get on SO well.

Thanks Girl, your awesome and i really hope you loved your package too. Cant wait for the next one!

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