Quorn Cottage pie Recipe! (Weight watcher Recipe)

This week has been monumental in the terms of new food discovery.

I have found out that i LOVE Quorn cottage pie, who knew! 

A couple of years ago i tried Quorn mince, and hated it. I have broadened my horizons with food lately and I'm trying to be more of a healthy vegetarian. I've introduced milk back into my life which was something i didn't think i would ever do. I have skimmed milk every day with my porridge... Break through!

I was browsing the simple start guide and saw that it had a Cottage pie made with Quorn mince, that was included in the plan as a Zero pointed meal. I thought it looked too good to pass, and wrote the ingredients out for our monthly shopping trip.

You will need (For 4 people/extra freezer meals): 

2x carrots, 
1/2 a small swede
1x Onion
1x Leek
6 potatoes for Mash
Skimmed Milk
Tomato puree
Dried Mixed Herbs
Quorn Mince
 Fry Lite
Prep the din din's
First step is to chop chop chop everything up. 

Then put the potatoes on to boil to make the mash!

Then heat a pan, pour all the veggies and Mince in and pour in some stock bring it to the boil, I then added a tablespoon of Tomato Puree, and a pinch of Mixed herbs. Then let it simmer for about 20mins. 

Sim simmmmer
Whilst this is simmering away, you can make the mash with a bit of skimmed milk (Don't add butter if you want to do it the weight watcher way)

Once every thing's cooked to your satisfaction, pour into an ovenproof dish, and cover with Mash.

im droooooling, this is so good.

Put it in the oven for 20 mins, and let the Mash crisp up a bit. Then get it out the oven and drool over it... No don't do that. It will be really hard not to, just step away.... breathe in the Cottage pie goodness, grab a fork and put that yummy goodness on your plate with some veggies!

You can pretty much add what ever you want to this, its one pot wonder. I added mushrooms to the recipe, but you could add beans too for some more protein, or Pea's. 


*No cows were harmed in the making of this Quorn Cottage pie ;)

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  1. Yummy cottage pie is an old school favorite, thought i'd look for some different recipes....Thanks for sharing...



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