Valentines Day Nail art!

This is a re-blog from last year, and oldie but a goodie!

 Firstly you need:

  • Plasters (or Band aids if your from the US)
  • Scissors
  • Base coat
  • Nail polish colour of choice
  • Accent colour nail polish for the hearts
  • Top coat

Paint your nails as you would normally, i used Nails inc Porchester Square, Then use a base coat, then leave to try for a while,  to be on the safe side i left them for an hour. 

Then the fun bit!

Cut off the sticky bits of the plaster, and fold in half, cut half a heart out and you have a perfect heart shape (admittedly i did this a few times to get the heart shape i liked)
Stick the stencil on your nail and press down the edges.

Paint your accent colour over the heart cut out, i used Nails inc in 'St James', you could also do it in gold which would look quite glam. Peel off the stencil carefully after about 10 seconds
Let the hearts dry a bit longer then apply a top coat, be careful to avoid drag and smudging the red hearts.

I did the hearts on my thumbs and both ring fingers, you could do it on all fingers if you like to be extra romantic.

There you have it, a really simple nail art tutorial.  

Please show me what you have created i'd love to see! 

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