Stila Color Balm Lipstick - Gemma

Would you ever wear purple Lipstick?

If you had asked me this a week ago i would have said Hell to the no. But i actually like it!!!

I tried out the Stila Color Balm Lipstick* in Gemma which is a sheer Purple. Its a cross between a lipstick, and a lip balm and has a lovely Minty scent/taste to it which is due to the Peppermint oil is has in it. Its very similar to the Revlon color balm stain that also has a minty taste.

The balm as a really good colour pay off, and is BRIGHT. I didnt think that purple would suit me, but i really like it. Its something i would never have imagined looks nice on me. In the day time this does come off very purple, but in the evening its almost a deep vampy purple, which even my husband Mike said he liked. Winner!

I love the packaging too, its very solid. I like that you dont feel that if you drop it the lids going to crack. The side of the tube has the Stila logo cut out with the colour of the product inside, which is really cool and easy to see what one your grabbing. Specially if like me you have about 20 lip products in your handbag. 

There is one other really awesome thing about this...

 Yep... the end of the tube (on the lid, obviously....) is a Mirror!!

The mirror sold me on this, its the attention to detail in a product that draws me in. Well done Stila! 

 The only thing thats a bit annoying for me personally is that the actual lipstick is huge.. i dont have plump lips so i end up either getting the lipstick on my teeth, or going over my lip onto my skin. (No body wants to be looking Like Miranda Sings now do they.... )
 Also i think its more awkward for me as its not got a slanted tip, its just flat. Its about the size of a 5p coin, i mean you cant complain your not getting about product for £16.

You can buy this from the Stila website for £16, they are very good quality, and they smell amazing, and dont dry your lips out at all. All i need to get now is a nice nude/pinky colour..

*I wasn't paid for this blog post, however i was perked with the product, All thoughts are my own!


  1. I have been lusting over this for a few days now, as soon as I seen it I loved it, my name and hair colour in a lipstick, match made in heaven x


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