Sometimes thinking your going to fail is positive!

This week has been so, so with weight watchers.

I went shopping and planned my lunches out batch cooked some food to help me through the week. But this past weekend i have just eaten so much food. Im so hungry all the time.. !!!


Im trying to stick to the plan, but the temptation of eating crap i shouldn't is too much.

I need to remember my reasons for doing this, my Goal, my Health.

I went to the meeting knowing i had put on weight, didnt care and just thought whatever..

I stepped on the scales to be told i had lost half a pound!!!

I was like, Sorry i lost what?

the lady was like Ohh were you expecting more, i said NO i wasnt expecting to lose anything! 

*Party dance*

So far i have lost 3 lbs... im happy thatthe fats coming off slowly. Im in no rush this time and i want to enjoy life and not obsess about the diet.

*fingers crossed for my next weigh in, i've been naughty again*

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