Hummingbird Bakery and a Museum Mooch

I went to London with my friend Amy on Saturday... at the point of making the decision to go i felt better. As soon as we got there i had that moment of 'what have i done' i didn't feel better at all... I did however have a really good day out, and even though we did a lot of queueing, it helped me rest. :) 

I sound like a pensioner... But no I've just had a cold, and Gastroenteritis. Lucky me.

Going down the escalators...

The London underground decent to the bottom..

South Kensington Hummingbird Bakery
The first stop was breakfast as it was only 10am, i love Cake, but i was not feeling icing and too much sweet stuff... how did i resist it?

 Such a cute Bakery... the cake slices are huge so its not so badly priced. My order came to £5.60 for a peppermint tea, and a slice of lovely Banana loaf cake.

Huge slice...

How cute are the pictures on the wall!

My friends Raspberry brownie cheesecake... it was SO good.
We then went onto the Natural History Museum which was about a 5 minute walk away!

We had to queue for about 20 minutes to get into the museum, then we queued for about another 20 mins to go and see the Dinosaur exhibits. (Look at that queue below!)

Giant tree stump which was over 1300yrs old... incredible.

I Love the colours of these Oxides.

The Earth section.
 Next we hopped back onto the tube to go on the search for Lunch, we went to southbank and checked out all the different restaurants. We decided on Las Iguana's and we had Tapas!

Happy hour on cocktails! (This is a virgin tropical juice one)
I've never had Tapa's before and this place has a pretty good deal. 5 dishes for £24 and they are big portions. In hindsight i could have just eaten the natcho's and been full! ha

I had a good day out with my buddy and you can never beat a good day out in London, its always fun!

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