Glossy Box February 2014!

I didn't think you were going to be reading this, as i have been feeling so ill, i've had a viral bug and literally felt like crap for the past week. So without further a do, here is my thoughts on the latest Glossybox.


I have been thinking about ordering a Glossy Box for about a year now. I finally decided to bite the bullet and ignore everyone who was slating the items they received. I ordered the Valentines box this February as the box is pretty awesome.... Look it.

Looook at it, B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

 I had a few issues with the Glossy box website when i signed up. It had an option for flat, and house number. So as i have both, i filled them both in. Apparently the website didn't like that and omitted out my Flat number. After a few calls to customer service, one successful call, and one which left me thinking the guy there was a bit of a Sassy pants... the box arrived 7 days after they shipped it. Glossy box basically blamed me for the address problem, which it was not. But... they are defending their Brand i guess.

The outer box was a little bit damaged and mushy from the rain, But the inside was perfectly fine. On opening the box there is a Glossy magazine, and a card which lists your products. I threw this to the side, i didnt want to ruin my suprise.

The good products:

I received the Toni & Guy Stick it up gum, which is full sized and retails for £7.90. A lot of people are complaining about receiving this, however i have very long hair and its hard to get volume and texture sometimes. This is good for working into the root, or using it to texture the ends. Also its good for sticking down those fly away hairs when you put your hair into a Pony, or a high bun. I'm excited to try this!  
I also received a full size Ciate paint pot in Kiss Chase, the full size pots are £9 and are 13.5ml, which is a big size bottle! 

I was really pleased to see i received the Maybelline Kajal eyeliner in black, i had been eying this up in Boots a while ago. Its on sale for £5.99, its basically a long crayon that you use on its side to draw a nice slick cat eye.


The MEHHH products:

There was two things i received which were not really my taste, these being the Nougat London body shimmer, and the Eldora Lashes.  I cannot stand to be shimmery, i mean I'm not one of the cast of twilight, or a spice girl, or 15 anymore. Not my taste at all but I'm passing this to my friend who does like to be shimmery :)

The Lashes are not something i would wear, i generally like my lashes as they are and haven't ever needed to wear false ones, so i have swapped this with another fellow glossy boxer for the Maybelline big eyes mascara. (Ill review this at a later date!)

Final Thoughts:

Value for money - The products in this box are worth in excess of £20, so for a cost of £10 per box + £2.95 P+P this isn't bad. I would prefer free postage, and for it to be sent by royal mail though.

Product Variety - There is a selection of good known brands in this box, which i liked nearly all of them including the free chocolate!!

I will give Glossy box another go just to see if this was a fluke, then ill make my final decision as to whether ill carry on with my subscription, as i like the way you can earn extra 'glossy dots' to get a free box.

Click here to read about other subscriptions i have..

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