Donuts & Weekend Lush stuff

I had Friday night off work, so i put it to good use and dyed my hair, i used the Schwartzkopf Live foam in Red berry, i have used it before with assistance from the husband, and i braved it and thought I'd go it alone.

 I dont think i did a bad job on coverage, i did wipe most of it off my skin with a baby wipe, but you can see there is still some on my neck in the picture.. oops!

Im happy to say once it had been washed out, i dried it with my *NEW* hair dryer (^_^) babyliss salon pro, in a shiny metallic purple, its so good! my hair was dry super quick, it did scare the dogs though and they wouldnt stop barking at it which was kinda annoying.. Any way back to the hair, its a lovely glossy shiny deep red colour and i have no greys! wooo

I got to show my newly coloured hair off when Me & my friend Amy popped into Guildford on Saturday morning, we got there at 9am so we could head to Krispy Kreme for a donut and a cup of tea...

My favourite is the Cookies & Kreme one... they remind me of oreo's. Yum!!! I have a feeling this will be our shopping ritual from now on... Donuts are the best fuel for shopping! :)

Seriously yummmmmmmmmmm donuts., they taste more like cake than donut, i think thats why i like them so much. Although i dont like how much they cost...

We had a wonder around, i wasn't aiming to spend any money as i only need to exchange something at Primark, so being good i only took £10 out of the cash point (i had paid for train but that was separate to shopping money) I went into Paper-chase as i love love love it in there, the stuff is so cute! i didn't buy anything though regretfully.. :(

The next stop was Lush, it was so quiet in there we ended up spending over 30 mins in there talking to staff and getting to know and understand more products.Its the first time that i've had the chance to do this, but im glad i spent time talking to the staff as i now know so much about the products... NOT good for the bank account, even Amy has said shes slightly addicted now.. haha! oopsie!

My Kind of newspaper... smells gorgeous
 I recommend if you go to lush you pick up their 'Lush Times' Newspaper its really interesting, it tells you about the monthly products and guides you on how to use them and the different varieties. I know have a little list written of a few things to pick up next time i go to lush.

Definatly trying one of these out next time

Tried this in store, its awesome & edible!

I bought a nice Bubble Bar called 'Magic Mushroom' its one of their Valentines Day items. Having new used one of their bubble bars its a good job they gave me a demo, the lady just used the stalk part of the mushroom and crumbled it into a jug of water. she then poured the water in and out of two different jugs to mix it, and i couldnt believe just how much it bubbles up! i also didnt realised you could just break off a chunk and use how much you wanted, i thought they were one hit wonders! so really £2.45 isnt bad for the bubble bar.

Here it is after i broke a bit off
There is still plenty of use left in it after i used some, and it made my bath SO bubbly. well impressed!

I had a little look at the Fresh Face masks too whilst i was in Lush, they always catch my eye in there shiny silver bowls sitting in a huge ice tray. So i asked about them and we were told what would suit our skin type and they offered us samples, so i had two of them - BB Seaweed & Oatifix.

They are only small sample tubs about 3/4 inch deep and about the size of 10p, but i got one face mask out of half a tub. So either i didn't put enough on or they are really generous with there samples.

BB Seaweed
Half a pot used, still loads left.
I'm glad i didn't use the whole pot of this one on my face as it was quite tough to get it off, i used warm water and a flannel and yet i had to go over it a few times to scrub it off. My skin felt so amazing after i had moisterised it though, so i cant wait to use the Oatifix one as it smells of banana's! yummy. (click here for Lush's website)

I nearly forgot to mention a cute gift i got my sister from the Discovery store, its closing down so everything is 50% off, this was only 50p -

Its a re-useable shopping bag in a monkey pouch! so cute ♥

Random stupidity of my weekend - pointing out a bag in primark and saying 'Ohhhh i love that bag!' - then realising that i own that bag and im currently wearing it over my body... Amy just rolled her eyes and laughed.... yeah im stupid! haha.

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  1. loving the blog about Lush, yes I am slightly addicted now and want to go back next month. Amy xx


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