Putting pen to paper

I love writing by hand, its so much more special to receive actual letters in the mail. A while ago i found a website dedicated to Hello Kitty, and the people on there are awesome! check it out here - Hello Kitty Junkies

I found a section about penpals, and people who wanted do swaps of hello kitty stuff. I was like 'hell yeah!!'
There is alot better HK stuff in Asia and the USA than there is here, so i wrote a post on the forum to say i was looking for a pen pal, and i had 3 people contact me straight away. I write to a lady in California, Singapore and Bristol in the UK.

We basically send letters back and forth and add Hello kitty stuff in the letters, i have received some amazing stuff from them, like Hello kitty note pads + pens, sweets, hello kitty teddy's, stickers, stationary, key rings, toys etc. Too much to even remember! its so awesome!

Here is my most recent parcel -

I love the paper, so cute! and the key ring plush! soooo cute too, the Hello kitty box has a key ring re:remt toy in it.

I miss the days where i used to write an actual letter to my dad, but emails quicker to speak to him, so its all ok. But getting these mails from friends are so fun as you never know what your going to receive!

Here is a photo of a few of the letters i could grab ♥

It definitely brightens up my day to receive these letters, its so fun writing them and finding cool Hello kitty or other nice stuff to send my friends.

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