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I decided that since i received some of S&G products for Christmas it would be a good idea to write a review on my own views of them, I had wanted to try their products for such a long time, but just couldn't justify spending the money on them in case i didn't like them. How silly was i! - there products are amazing!

My mum bought me a few items, and i bought the rest with some Christmas money.

You wont Believe Your Eyes - Tri-Ball roller tube eye brightening Moisture serum.

My first thoughts when i opened this was that it looked cool, the application end is 3 roller balls. You have to squeeze the tube until the serum comes out, then rub it along your under eye area and it applys the serum.

 The only thing that i initially was a bit concerned about is the serum is a Purple colour. Which for me isn't good as i have such dark circles under my eyes.

I didn't rub in the serum at all and within about 10 Min's my under eyes were shiny and metallic looking. (>_<) ahh. I tried rubbing it in, and it literally rubbed off like dry skin... YUK
I admit i didn't use it again for a while until recently as i just thought that it wasn't suited to me, and was going to consider giving it to my mum to use. But i gave it another go as i had tired looking eyes one morning and it says you can apply over the top of Make up. So i squeezed the tube and rubbed it along my under eyes, and dabbed it with my middle finger, and instantly my eyes looked awake! I do use it quite a bit now, although it doesn't do anything for puffiness on me (as i don't have any puffiness) it do lighten my dark circles quite a bit.
Overall I'm Happy with this, but I'm not so sure I'd replace it when it runs out... We'll have to see i guess.


Glow Job - Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion.

This was another present from my mum, and i have to say i LOVE it !! ♥
It smells so good, and it really does give you a nice colour to your face and a healthy glow.
I didn't apply it right the first time, i mean its not rocket science, but still it would help if i read the box first...
what your meant to do is squirt a blog in between your fingers and rub together in order to pop the bronzing beads so that they mix with the lotion. What i did was squirt a blob on my hand and rub straight on to my face. I ended up with bronze streaks in random places on my face... nice look! not.

You can just about see a dark circle in the lotion which is a bronzing bead, Once you rub it in to mix it about it looks like this -

Don't worry about the bronze streak you just rub the lotion into it and it turns into a nice coloured tinted moisturiser. As you can see from the picture below on the back of my hand it gives it a nice glow. On your face it makes you look really healthy, i use this everyday as i look a lot less pale in this winter weather. (its really not a good representation on the back of my hand, its really an awesome colour, and has really good coverage) One thing to mention as well, which is pretty important... it keeps your face well moisturised all day!

Just as proof to show how much colour it has, this is what i wiped off the back of my hand-

I would 100% buy this when it runs out, i checked the price last time i was in Boots and its £9.50 at the moment, which isn't cheap, but its not as expensive as some high branded products. Well worth the money though, so glad my mum bought me it for Xmas!

Keep an eye out for my next Soap & Glory review on their Make up.
In the mean time check out there other products on their website -

Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.

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