Product review: Soap & Glory Make up *Part 2*

Part 2

These 3 items were ones i bought with some Christmas Money i received from my lovely grandparents. Luckily for me also there was a 3 for 2 on all Soap & Glory make up in Boots! \(^_^)/

My first item i practically ran to get was the Kohl eye liner, i had seen it a few times and it was only £5... yes £5!!! total bargain as it has a built in sharpener in the lid. Which lets face it you dont get that with Rimmel... ;)

Smoulder Kohl - Waterproof eye liner with built in sharpener.

I use this for my waterline and it doesn't smudge and it doesn't affect my eyes, they can get quite sensitive with eye liners, i usually use Nivia Kohl eye liner which so far i have only been able to find in France. So as you can imagine im so happy i can get a decent eye liner for such a cheap price in the UK!

Its really smooth on application and its really easy to apply to upper lash line as well, i dont wear eye liner like this much though, but would be awesome for someone who does.

I can honestly say i'll 100,000% be buying this when i run low.. heck i may even buy another one on pay day as back up. Love it!


Another product i decided to try as from using the tester in boots it seemed pretty good was the Concealer.
I have such bad dark circles all the time 24/7 rain or shine... i hate them. So ill give anything a go that says it will camouflage my dark circles.

Kick Ass Concealer - Three piece flaw camouflage kit.

Love the packaging ♥
 I bought it in Medium as it was the closest to the back of my hand colour... im not dark skinned but im not pale either, i have olive skin so this suited me best. What i wasn't expecting was the texture of the under eye concealer, its so mousse like. i was expecting it to be creamy like the concealer. When i first opened the pot i felt a bit cheated as it doesn't seem like you get alot, but it definitely goes a long way. I think that The most impressing bit is that a little goes a very long way with it.

Left: under eye - Right: general concealer.
 You get a handy mirror inside the compact, then if you flip the mirror part down you get the setting powder -

Setting Powder & little puff.
Here is Step 2, which is clearly labelled on the side which is pretty helpful to be honest. Its the Setting powder which comes with a little powder puff. This powder is seriously amazing and literally sets the under eye concealer all day. I've even worn this when i had to attend a funeral and the concealer didn't budge after i had a cry. So its tear proof! amazing.

swatch of under eye concealer with setting powder

This is the only product which has ever dramatically reduced the look of my dark circles, so much that i even look at myself in the mirror and think 'ooh whose that fresh faced person!'

I will definitely  1,000,000 % be buying this again, its the best £10 I've ever spent!!!
Thank you so much Soap & Glory for making me one happy girly!!


 The Next item i got was eye shadows, i bought these because i feel i need some more staple colours and im getting bored of wearing greys all the time. I was originally going to buy the Smokey Dokey palette, but i decided to get the 'Whats Nude' Palette instead.

 You dont get a brush with this palette, which im cool with i would prefer to use my own brush anyway as you get better coverage than with one of the cheap sponge applicators. 

My favourite colour to use everyday is the top right, its called Pink T. Its got a lovely texture and i use it as a base coat or just on its own. its perfect for work as i dont like to look too made up,  i like to just have a little hint of make up. I use the Top Left called Vanilla as a highlighter for my eyebrow area. I haven't used the bottom left yet which is called Mud honey, but im sure i will at some point. I have used the bottom right called Aubersheen in the outer edge & crease in my eyelid. Its really nice and gives a very light sparkle.

Here are the colour swatches -

 They have a very creamy texture and they feel really nice on your skin, They have that smell that reminds me of good quality make up, it reminds me of my mum when i was a little kid and i used to steal her make up... hehe :)

I'm so glad i bought this as i have used it nearly every day, and its always the eye shadows i reach for when i stick my make up on.

I had a quick look in boots earlier and they have FINALLY re-stocked the Soap & Glory section, they have the coloured lip balms, so ill be trying some of them out on pay day!! wooooo 

Go to to check out the lip balms. I'm thinking of getting Chocolate Cherry.. and maybe Juicy Peach.. ;)

Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, and i wasnt paid or perked for writing this post, i did it because i simply love the products.


  1. Kick ass concealer does the trick! Looking good. Tim x

  2. Amazing reviews George! U shud b a 'soap&glory' sales girl, you're making me want to go out right now and buy some! X


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